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Do you require Eavestrough Cleaning?

Is your eavestrough becoming dirty, blocked and smelly, creating issues for you? Are you tensed, regarding it’s proper cleaning?

At Diamond Shine, we have the perfect solution for you. Avail our eavestrough cleaning service today in Greater Toronto Area.

In order to keep your house neat and tidy, these services are essential. Call Diamond Shine to acquire best cleaning services.


We don’t use harmful chemicals for cleaning


Our cleaning service will prevent clogging and possible leaking in future. We guarantee proper and flawless cleaning.


We clean your eavestrough without damaging them


Rate depends on existing condition.


    We ensure eavestrough to be cleaned, no matter how dirty it is



    Diamond Shine is a leading cleaning service provider in Canada, which provides its dedicated facilities to customers in a very short time. We receive very positive feedback from our customers who trust us.

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    Do you want your eavestrough to be cleaned in the best possible way? We are here

    This type of cleaning is essential as a large amount of dirt, waste, debris, and leaves get into it. Often, leaves get together in areas of your eavestrough, causing water to overflow in specific areas when it rains. Blocked eavestrough result in rainwater streaming off from your room onto the floor. Following are the prime factors of this blockage.








    What type of cleaning services we provide?

    Pressure Washing Services

    Pressure Washing

    Continuous exposure to hard dust leaves marks on your outer windows, becoming very dirty which cannot be cleaned without pressure washing.moremore

    Pressure Washing Services

    Window Caulking

    If your window frames are getting leaked, it means that it must not be sealed properly. We can solve your problem with our window caulking service.moremore

    Pressure Washing Services

    window Cleaning

    Don’t you want your residential and commercial windows to be cleaned in GTA, when snowfall season is in full swing?moremore

    Pressure Washing Services

    Chritmas Lights Decoration

    Make your Christmas day beautiful and memorable with your friends and family buy availing our Christmas light decoration services.moremore

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