Make your glass windows fingerprint free with the right cleaning process

make your glass windows fingerprint free

No matter you try hard to keep windows clean, it holds on dirt easily. Often it causes because of smudged finger or handprints on the window glass over time. The tendency of getting such prints on the window is higher if you have kids or pets, and they oft put their hands and face up to the glass. Some other activities, for instance, changing the position of curtains, opening or closing windows, may be the reason of getting fingerprints on window glasses as well.  

Sparkling cleaned windows help to make an attractive appearance of any house and also a healthy indoor. But it is also important how you are cleaning the windows. It should be the right way. The wrong process can damage your windows. Even you may need to invest in reinstallation frequently. 

This blog post is to inform you of the right way of cleaning windows so it can stay free from smudge and fingerprints.   

Follow the procedure correctly

Here are the tips experts suggest for window cleaning in the following passages.

The Paper towel is No! No!

The first instinct of most people is using a roll of paper towel when they find any fingerprint on the window glass. But you should know paper towels tend to shed its fibre on the glass when it is wet. Therefore, after the glass gets dried, it looks worse and dirty.

Make use of microfiber cloth

You can use one or two microfiber clothes instead of using a paper towel. It will do a much better job of removing smudges and fingerprints from glass windows. You need to take a dry, clean and soft microfiber cloth and wipe windows.

Apply effective degreaser or own made solution

Fingerprints are noting but the natural oil present in the human body. Oil is difficult to remove from the glass with plain water. You should use regular degreaser liquid, or you can make your window cleaning solution mixing a few drops of liquid dish soap with an amount of hot water.

Use a squeegee for smudge-free glow

A squeegee confirms the cleanliness and streak-free shine of windows easily. It is also a good idea to involve different sizes of squeegees for several types and shapes of windows. It makes sure no residue, streak or smudge left over the glass after dried up.

Though it is not easy to protect windows from getting fingerprints or smudges, it is easy to clean when you hire window cleaning technicians for this job.

Yearly professional cleaning

Professionals start the mission of removing any spot from your window glasses with the examination. They use all top quality products to ensure sparkling and shiny windows after their service. In the touch of their special treatment, the windows will get back its new look once again.

Cleaning windows in such ways ensure to protect your windows from cracking or other damages and also keep potential hazards away from your family. Investing in professional window cleaning service at least once in a year ensures to keep your windows in good shape. 

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